Commissioner Fieldbook for Unit Service

This is the most essential resource for all commissioners. They can obtain the latest revision from their local council Scout shop or from National Supply Division, 1-800-323-0732.Download the latest version by clicking here.

The purpose of this fieldbook is to provide a resource of practical, usable information, simply stated and readily adaptable. The fieldbook is designed as a reference to fit into a standard notebook. As you and your commissioner leaders review the Commissioner Fieldbook, discuss any modifications of staff methods that may be necessary to produce more effective unit operation in your district. Write these out clearly and insert them in the proper section. The fieldbook allows your commissioner service to be flexible in method while remaining firm in purpose and principle.

The Fieldbook includes the following major sections:

  • Commissioner orientation including 10 orientation projects to be completed with the help of your district commissioner or assistant district commissioner.
  • The Commissioner Concept including a note on service to Explorer posts and a brief historical note.
  • The District Commissioner Staff lists responsibilities for ...
    • The district commissioner
    • Assistant district commissioners
    • Unit commissioners
    • Roundtable commissioners
    • Your district commissioner
  • Providing Unit Service contains essential guidelines on ...
    • A variety of unit contacts
    • The annual commissioner service plan
    • Uniform inspections
    • Commissioner's use of the Quality unit award
    • Service tasks for new units
    • Special information on commissioner priorities
  • Your Commissioner Style includes ...
    • 10 qualities of commissioner diplomacy
    • Definition of "exceptional service"
    • "Roots and wings"—the commissioner paradox of preserving tradition while helping unit adults adapt to change.
    • Service recovery: how to right a wrong
  • Be a Lifesaving Commissioner

    No, you don't carry a rope and life buoy. But, when there's a "critical illness" in one of your units, you become a "Scouting paramedic." You become a "lifesaving commissioner." Without intensive care from you or a team of lifesavers, such a unit could become terminal and stop serving kids.

    Dead units, obviously, provide no help to youth. Perhaps your district volunteers have made a pact not to lose another unit. Perhaps you have made a commitment never to lose a unit. That will require prompt, intensive, and often persistent care when major problems occur.

    Check out this essential section for guidelines on ...
    • How to watch the vital signs
    • Going into action fast
    • Typical "hurry cases":
    • Unit not meeting
    • Unit with no Leader
    • Unit with no committee
    • Unit with no new members
    • Unit conflict with the chartered organization
    • New unit leader who lacks orientation on training
    • Unit with weak leadership
  • How To Remove a Volunteer
  • Counseling—the ability to listen and react in a way that will help others solve their own problems.
  • Youth Protection and the role of the commissioner.
  • Charter Renewal
    This section is the basic authority on the unit charter renewal process including the unit charter renewal meeting, how to do a membership inventory, and how to present a charter.
  • Unit Commissioner Training
  • List of commissioner resources
  • Self-Evaluation for unit commissioners. Includes 4 commissioner models—one is exceptional, one is bad news, and two just need a lot of help and guidance.