Health and Safety/Risk Management Conference

Philmont Training Center will host a conference on Health and Safety and Risk management. This conference is a hands-on workshop designed to give participants the tools and information they need to ensure the physical and mental well-being of participants in the Scouting program. Participants will learn about the latest updates to BSA rules, policies, and procedures; conduct exercises in risk identification, accident investigation, and analysis to prevent future occurrences; learn to maintain effective Health and Safety and Risk Management Committees; and understand insurance and compliance issues. The course is designed for district, council, regional health and safety and/or risk management committee members; members of camp visitation teams; program, camping, training, or other key volunteers; and professionals who have Health and Safety or Risk Management responsibilities.

The conference will be held August 2-8, 2009, at the Philmont Training Center. For additional information, visit the PTC Web site.