Merit Badge College


Merit Badge College is a one-day event that gives Boy Scouts the opportunity to earn a couple of badges in one day.



Registered Scouts BSA and their leaders are invited to attend. All units must be under the supervision of at least two adult leaders over the age of 21 at all times during the event. Any registrations not in compliance with this requirement will be returned. We do ask Scoutmasters to screen younger applicants with attention to whether they are old enough to sit through a two-hour or three-hour class.


Community leaders and Scouting volunteers will staff the merit badge classes. These specially approved counselors will provide training and facilitate advancement on merit badges using the requirements and standards offered by Scouts BSA in their most recent revision.

A Scout BSA is prepared.

Scouts will receive confirmation of their enrollment before the event. This confirmation will include detailed prerequisite information for badge work that must be completed and delivered to the counselor at the event for credit. Being prepared means the Scout attends the class and participates fully, including the completion of any advance work requested. Credit can only be awarded for work completed in class if they do not bring prerequisite work with them that day. Badge work can be completed with a qualified counselor after the event, if necessary. Scouts and leaders must wear Class A uniforms for identification purposes at the event. PLEASE ALSO WEAR ONLY SCOUT HEADGEAR, AND PLEASE, NO IPODS OR OTHER MP3 DEVICES; THEY WILL BE CONFISCATED. We will make every attempt to manage the popularity of these badges, but there is no guarantee that Scouts will get into their first choice. Spaces are limited and classes close when filled. We appreciate your understanding and support of this policy.

When, Where, and How Much?

Merit Badge College is usually offered in late February or early March. 

Please see the Events Menu on iHub for the current event information on date, time, location, and cost.

Special Needs:

If any member of your group has any special needs, please contact the Scout office.


Please do NOT call the Scout Office requesting Merit badge completion information, GET IT FROM YOUR SCOUTS!



Some adult training courses will be offered for adults during this time. Please contact the Council Service Center at 940-696-2735 for more information and to register.